Let's get started

Using your favorite shampoo, wash and rinse your hair. Afterwards generously apply your favorite conditioner; comb conditioner through hair. Rinse. Rinse again.

This is my favorite comb for use while conditioning.

style your hair using design essentials honey curlforming custard (i use this for softer curls with hold)

After rinsing your conditioner out, leave your hair super wet and do not comb your hair again. Combing separates curls. The first time you use this product, do not add another leave-in conditioner, oil or any other product. You want to see how the product acts with no additives. You can try additional products later.

Section out some hair, scoop about a quarter cup of product out with your hand, and apply to your hair from the scalp to the tips of your hair. Using your fingers like a comb, pull the product through. You will start to see your hair form loose curls. Use a little pressure while slowly pulling through to smooth the gel into your curls.

Repeat, adding a little water if needed (dampen hands under water spout if you have no spray bottle).

This is the time to expirement...does your hair react differently with more gel? Or less? More water, or very little at all?

To style I place clips where I want my hair to lay down, then blow dry all around my scalp for about 7 minutes in the direction I want the hair to lay. Once you hair feels set enough, remove the clips and finger style your curls.

Depending on how long your hair is, it can take a few hours to dry. If you do not want to use a blow dryer (I use a very small one), I use clear or brown pins to hold my hair all day as it drys.

If you want more stiffness....

After applying DE's Honey, push a little Got 2B Glued out of the tube into your hands and pull through small sections to the parts you would like more control and stiffness in. Until you learn how it will react with your hairstyle (Got 2B can be extremely drying), apply carefully in small amounts.

To restyle the next and subsequent days, dampen the hair, dip your hand in the jar to cover the fingertips (you only need a little with damp hands) rub your hands together to distribute the product. Pull and reset small sections into curls to reset your style.

I usually go three-to-five days before needing to wash my hair again. My cue is itching...which usually starts on day 4.

style your hair using ecostyler gels (for stiffer curls)

My old-school favorite is Eco-Styler Gels. I like Krystal or Olive Oil. Either can be drying, so I will go two weeks using Eco Styler Gel, and then switch to DE for a week to regain softness. 

Apply the same way as the DE Honey product.

EcoStyler Gels do not play well with Got 2B Glued.